One Thing I Know…

Well there is one thing I know for sure and that is I firmly believe the sun will rise again tomorrow. With that belief, I can attempt to plan an amazing day among the coronavirus-19 environment that lurks within our world.

In the distance I can hear the church bells ring. I’m not sure what church or where or what it means, however it brings a sense of regular activity.

My world has been in the social distancing environment since January this year. My other half is a transplant patient so life is very different for us. While most of our friends kinda understand, now they clearly do. Since the coronavirus-19 we had to adapt to a different world.

We do not take any activity lightly and greatly appreciate all the simple actions that happen all day long. We also greatly appreciate the people who we call family either by blood or just hanging after so many years.

We are stronger than ever before! All of us are stronger! Sure are we being tested? Absolutely; however, we can pass the test with flying colors. Creativity, compassion, and kindness will bring us to the next level.

We are moving forward one day at a time! We will beat this coronavirus-19 and have an even deeper appreciation of our lives.

Love to all our friends and family. Thank you for checking up on us and being there!

Stay Strong

Hi folks!  I’m located in the eastern part of the United States.  Yes, we are experiencing the shift of our daily lives as we once knew it.  I truly  believe the Coronavirus-19 will temporarily change our lives.

Is there a new norm – absolutely! However; we are strong and can make it though this period in time, if we follow the rules and guidelines.

Is it challenging? Yes, especially if you or your love ones fall within the compromise immune system or “older” population; however, we will be stronger!

It’s going to tough for many individuals let’s try to continue to support each other in what ever way we can. I look forward to hearing about all the kindness that is emerging.

I’ve read some amazing blogs about what to do with our time.  So many great ideas are being generated. So Kudos to those who are spreading hope and kindness through blogging!

Sprinkling kindness and love in your day💕