Within Hours

2022 will be here within hours, as I write this post. As most of us look back over the year 2021, one phase pops out – We made It! However, many didn’t, such a bitter sweet ending. I am going to share the positive while respecting the sadness many experienced this year.

As many of my readers know, my husband is a transplant kidney patient so we have been in isolation for most of 2021. We were able to schedule doctor appointments. The nurses and technicians are simply amazing. We are overwhelm with their style of attention to detail, grace, dedication and unselfishness. Plus, their humor is outstanding! We are truly grateful for their presence and devotion!

There were a few weeks during the summer of 2021, where we could carry on face to face conversations with neighbors and hang out with friends in a controlled environment. THESE WERE THE DAYS! Laughter and enjoying life. During the year, we had to turn down many invites to picnics and parties because of the unknown risks of Covid-19 to transplant patients. That was hard to do – extremely hard! But we made it though. Just like many of you, life took us on an unknown adventure. We are not alone – we are in this together! I have always appreciated time spent with friends, however i have an even higher respect due to the pandemic.

One thing I’ve learned is being with others is such a gift. A gift you can reopen anytime you wish with all the amazing technology out there. Having friends and family (tribe) and calling upon them at any time- is priceless!

We enjoy the company of our furry friend- Cosmo. Gideon, our other fury friend, went to doggie heaven in July. He had pancreatic cancer and it spread fast and furious. It’s weird, from time to time, we feel his presence and he is deeply missed. However, he is not suffering so its all good.


We (husband & me) are learning how to respect each others space during the isolation. Yes, we bark at each other however, we catch ourselves and stop barking. Pretty amazing to arrive at that point.

So as the year 2022 rolls in and 2021 melts into our memories, I wish each one of you – a new and exciting 2022 year that works for you! Carry on and bring in 2022 we are ready!…💕

Published by Navigator of Joy

Living life though my simple daily life activities and navigating joy and sharing its effects. Stay safe and believe we will make it though.

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