Ice Meets Heat

Well we had a day of snow and ice here in Northeast U.S.A.  My driveway was packed with the white stuff layered with 2 inches of ice.

It’s 11:00 am, Sunday, so do I start to shovel the driveway or do I attempt to bake bread outside in my pizza oven?

Well, most people would probably stay inside and concentrate on some chores that need attention.

One of my friends just texted me and indicated he was shoveling his driveway.  However, looking out my window,

I can not even see outside.  So  I decided to avoid the driveway for the moment.  Maybe the sun will come out and take care of this mess.

So I was thinking let’s have ice meet heat and create bread instead of shoveling.  I can always shovel later. Plus bread making is fun.

I had prepared the dough the night before and placed it in the refrigerator.  I removed the dough from the refrigerator.  Got my hands oily and divided the dough  in 2 loaves.

I let the dough proof on the counter for about an hour.  I tried to score the dough; however, my knife was not sharp enough.

I was anxious to see if the pizza oven would get hot enough (550 degrees) in this cold weather.

I baked each loaf 15 minutes, rotated the dish and baked another 10 minutes until golden brown.  Then I cooled on racks.

The ice melted very fast around the oven.  So I was wishing that the ice would melt that fast in the driveway. However, at 8 degrees nothing is melting.

I made 2 crispy loaves.  Plus, it was fun going outside in a storm and having some fun.

I think storing the bread in a paper sack is the way to go.  So I brought some from Amazon.  If there is a better way to store the bread, please let me know.  I have so much to learn and I would love to hear your advice.

So I hear my phone ding (the fairy sound) which indicates a text message from my BFF. She asked if I needed help with snow?  I’ve learned that it’s ok to ask —once in a while.

She came over with her Bad Boy Truck and plowed my driveway.  I am so grateful!

Grateful that my BFF can melt the ice by plowing though it.

Grateful that my BFF husband cleared all the snow around my garage.

Grateful that I was able to bake 2 great loaves of bread on this chilly day.

Grateful that we are safe at home.

Grateful that I can share this ice meets heat experience.


Published by Navigator of Joy

Living life though my simple daily life activities and navigating joy and sharing its effects. Stay safe and believe we will make it though.

4 thoughts on “Ice Meets Heat

    1. Hello! Thank you for reading my post. As for the pizza oven, it’s a new “thing” so it’s exciting at the moment. The best part is meeting bloggers and reading their stories. Love your blog!

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      1. I was so taken with your pizza oven, I googled it, and now I want one! The pretzels, oh my goodnes, they looked so yummy – I hope you will post a recipe. I’m an introvert and don’t meet people in real life very well, but I do enjoy blogging and meeting people too. Nice to meet you – Kim

        Same here! As for the pretzels- I brought a box of 4 frozen pretzels. However, I did just find a pretzel recipe that I will try. No matter the outcome, I’ll post the findings.

        Regarding the pizza oven – I did purchase it online from Amazon (saved $ on shipping). We brought a new hose to attached a bigger propane container. Also, it came with a baking stone. There are lots of ovens out there to select from. Some are very pricey and way over my budget. The height is tall enough to support a large loaf bread height. Plus the chimney helps with the moisture. Let me know if you do get- we can experiment together!

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  1. What an excellent way to spend your snow day. Everything came together nicely. Driveway got cleared, the bread got baked and your friend came over. Couldn’t ask for a better day.


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