Art of Bread Making

well it’s winter here in the northeast of U.S. and the winds are strong. Snow fall has been minimal with snow storms arriving this weekend. It’s time to start to rock a new project to get me though these winter days—-

I’ve been thinking “bread” and the possibilities of making several kinds.  I’m impressed with the varieties sold at the local bakery and even my grocery store.  However, I’m concerned with all the ingredients that I cannot even pronounced and the price is a bit high for my lifestyle.  So I’ve decided to invest a bit of $’s and explore the art of making bread.

my adventure begins with a pizza propane oven that is portable and is tall/wide enough for a bread to rise.

So here is the oven! It is perfect.  So far it has heated up to 600 degrees.

I’ve tested it out by baking pretzelS.

Pretzels were tasty, soft and a crunchy outer crust.

please join me as this new winter adventure unfolds. Let’s explore the possibilities together with your comments, suggestions and bread stories.

Lets’ rock 2019 with Bread making…

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Living life though my simple daily life activities and navigating joy and sharing its effects. Stay safe and believe we will make it though.

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